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How to buy

1. Shopping process:

    Login( registration) > pick the items > add to cart  > choose payment method > 

    order confirmation > receive your order

2. Free shipping on order NTD2,000 (not including oversea orders)

3. If you have Ramon membership, please confirm that you have log in website ( or email / Facebook inbox us before you purchase )

4. How to become a VIP member? If you spent over NTD5,000 in single purchase, you are qualified to     

    be our honorable Ramon VIP member.

5. What are the benefits of being a member?

    You would receive 10% off discount on every purchase (online and in-store); also on your birth          

    month, you could receive 20% off throughout the month without any limitation.

6. SALE items are not refundable.

1. 登入(註冊)官網 > 挑選商品 > 加入購物車 > 選擇付款方式 > 出貨通知 > 收到商品

2. 單筆購物滿NTD2,000元免運費(海外購買除外)

3. 單筆消費滿NTD5,000元當次可申辦成為會員並享有會員折扣

4. VIP會員每次消費可享9折 生日當月可享8折 (不限購買次數與件數)

5. 如果你有Ramon VIP會員請先當入官網(如遇到問題請mail或粉絲專頁私訊告知我們 查詢確認後登入網站會員即可享有會員折扣

6. SALE折扣區商品恕不接受退換貨,購買前請考慮清楚再下單